Awesome August (2016) Screenshots



Here is my Xfce4 desktop.


Second screenshot :slight_smile:


Wallpaper please. :slight_smile:


Wallpaper for those that want to download!
Link for icons:
Note: click on download snapshot to download the file! :wink:


vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile:


Nothing Special here. Just openbox manjaro…

I just now made a slight adjusment to the above desktop to get rid of the white from the dark theme and to continue with my pink and black themeing idea. here’s the slight altered photo with the same pink tone from the tint2 clock and the conky:

if you like the idea of a black and pink theme and want the jpg from above:

the code for the pink used is #BD7878

And just incase you prefer something with less specific branding:


Another setup you may like!


Second screenshot.


here is my i3… still a long way to unearth its awesome functionalities… this time i could customize icon theme and gtk to match selected gtk3 theme

my clean setup (click on image for wallpaper full resolution)

my populated screen :slight_smile:
thanks for preview :slight_smile:


Two shots of my current xfce setup.


The top-right conky is my current classes at university, I made it because I always forget my next classes, and this way - at the desktop - would be easy to me to find it.
The rest is vanilla-xfce-manjaro, nothing special to take note.


I really liked the login screen that came with Manjaro Deepin 16.03, so I decided to adapt it to a regular background:

What calculator app you are using?

Here is my LXDE desktop. (i know SUPAR Boring)


Been messing with XFCE for a few days, looks like my Plasma :frowning:

Random wallpaper


another of my dark i3 setup…

CLICK HERE for more details. Thanks for view :slight_smile:


Nothing fancy, just Plasma.


Hey but the wallpaper is rather nice, especially for light(bright) styles.


This is neat. It’s like post-it note cubeism or something very nice…


Love that background a lot as well. picture perfect


this is a wonderful photo. If i were to use it though i think i would crop it right at the base of the tress. I understand the importance of the frost covered ground in the photo but the excessive white space throws off the photo for me and for my use in my pink and black dark thing that i’m putting minimal effort into achieving.