Awards and needless System messages "Awards"

This messages “you got first Onebox” “first mention” first Link" is for kindergarden and nerves.

Do Manjaro really need this? I think this “gimmicks” are for facebook teenies.

I wait for answers, klick on my Avatar and then there is only a shit stupid Information about any stupid Award.

You’re the first one ever to publicly voice an opinion about this. :man_shrugging:

You’re probably an advanced user that doesn’t need any hand-holding and that:

  • knows markdown
  • can use any forum software as it comes naturally to you. (E.G. you’ve actually entered information in your profile :+1:)
  • is an old fart like me and can’t remember that they they ever were young and stupid :grin:

Most beginners aren’t used to (the platform this forum uses) and “gamification” of the forum software attracts and helps these people though, so just pipe this command straight into your brain:



P.S. Any time someone :heart: any question / comment / answer you’ll post, the system will notify you too. :man_facepalming:


Why must people need to be so aggressive about things they don’t need…?



Why do people have to be so aggressive about things they see differently

It’s just annoying when I see a notification in the bar and then it’s not an answer to my question, but just a system hint.
If you could at least separate this into “new answer to a question” and “other hint”, then I could at least ignore it.
Everything else steals my time to retrieve for unnecessary messages.

@ Fabby
I didn’t forget that I was young and I am in a lot of cases more yound than teenies.
But to have fun is for other places, not for IT Problems.

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Please read this:

(Especially the last section)


Click on your avatar in the banner at the top of the page and select Preferences. Then click on Interface on the next page. Tick the checkbox at the bottom, next to the text “Skip new user onboarding tips and badges”.


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