Avidemux - Not working since [Stable Update] 2019-07-03

Avidemux starts OK. But when loading a video all I get is a black screen. No video, no sound. Before the update it was working as expected. Tried reinstalling avidemux-qt but that did nothing. Where to start to get it going again?

Have you rebooted since the update?

If you run it from a terminal do you get any output?

Rebooted - Yes.
Not sure how to start it from the terminal. I tried 'avidemux' & 'avidemux-qt' but they aren't correct.

Try avidemux3_qt5

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That was it. Got a huge response. Here are the errors:

1/ qtbase_en_AU [loadTranslation] 00:38:09-937 FAILED

2/ [displayXError] 00:38:10-128 LibVA Error : <vaCreateConfig( ADM_coreLibVA::display, profile, VAEntrypointVLD,&attrib, 1,cid):the requested VAProfile is not supported:12>
12 =
[checkProfile] 00:38:10-128 Cannot create config VP9

3/ [allocateImage] 00:38:10-128 No transfer supported
[checkSupportedFunctionsAndImageFormat] 00:38:10-128 --Trying direct operations --
[displayXError] 00:38:10-128 LibVA Error : <vaDeriveImage (ADM_coreLibVA::display, dest->surface,&vaImage):operation failed:1>
1 =
[admImageToSurface] 00:38:10-128 Va Derive failed

That's about it.

A lot of applications that depend on qt5-base 5.12.4-2.1 broke with the last update. Maybe see if maximizing and restoring fixes the black screen like mentioned here.

If that does not work, you can downgrade all qt5 packages. The packages I downgraded are mentioned in that thread, but I know MS Office Online added more qt5 dependencies (these cannot be downgraded from cache since the packages are new so I just uninstalled microsoft-office-online-jak).

Avidemux works fine still with qt5-base-5.12.3-2.1.

Please try if qt5-base-5.12.4-2.2 fixes the issue.

First I should say that the sound is & has been working.

Updated to qt5-base-5.12.4-2.2 & the issue is still there. No video.

Tried that. Still not working. First time I've done that. Hope I got it right. :rofl:

Strange. I am using Avidemux right now. Which packages did you downgrade?

But the issue seems to be fixed with qt5 5.13. Hopefully that will be pushed soon.


I've now upgraded again....being hopeful but it's still a no go. Will wait for qt5 5.13 & see how that goes.

Thanks everyone. :+1:

Well if qt5 5.13 is not working, something else is wrong. Try changing Display or HW Accel in preferences.

I have Video display to OpenGL and nothing checked in HW Accel and working fine.

Might also try with new Avidemux config (move or rename ~/.avidemux6) to troubleshoot.

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Finally. Big thanks @korealinux.
I've been using avidemux for months regularly then the problem just started. I made no changes at all.

I changed the video setting from VDPAU to Xvideo or OpenGL & away it went. All working as it should now.

I hate computers some times. :face_vomiting:

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