Availability of Manjaro ARM headless (for rpi3 / rpi4)


I love Manjaro as a Linux distribution and use it since a long time. I would like to set it up on my old RPI3, and I remember there was a distribution image a year or two ago to set it up without graphical environment.

Is it still possible? I’m stuck, missing information about:

  • Is the RPI4 image compatible with RPI3 hardware? I know the 3B is able to run aarch64.
  • Is there a server / headless image for ARM?

These informations might be available on the website, but I haven’t found any.

Thank you for any insight.

EDIT: Okay, I’ve found the information on the forum. It looks like the rpi4 image also support rpi3 and there’s a way to create an image from the new arm installer. I think there should be a link on the main site’s download page to indicate to users that it’s possible to create such an image. The download page is quite misleading about this possibility.