Autostart apps like pamac and discord not loading at startup

Maybe because I updated my Kernel from 5.10 to the latest 5.16.

I found this thread because I’m having the same problem.

but it doesn’t work for me. What could be the “manual option” that the solution is saying?

Thank you.

The user in the thread you linked wanted to have his opened applications to be restored after reboot. This is unlikely that it is what you want. People most likely want an empty session and not a cached session when rebooting.

Pamac doesn’t auto start, unless you’re talking about the Pamac icon in system tray, that should auto start yes. Discord should have an option to start on boot, but if it doesn’t start when configured there may be other simple solution like adding Discord itself in auto start application depending on the desktop you’re using.

Slack, Discord and Pamac is starting on boot before I change the desktop session experimentally. I put it back on its first settings when this happens but it still not going on autostart.

My apps are still in the autostart until now. still, they are not showing.

I try to open the discord app but its not opening now.

This just happens when I updated my kernel to the latest 5.16.

Thankfully, I make a timeshift checkpoint before I update this. I just restore to that point and I’m okay now.

Please read this:

Especially the Linux has multiple kernels section, as upgrading the kernel to an LTS from Stable made the problem go away…



It’s not a crashed session. The system actually looks to see what is running and properly shuts down the programs and on restart or login launches those apps. If there is an actual crash after restart those apps are not reloaded cause the system could not properly poll what was open.

I never wrote “crashed”.

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