Automount second internal hdd

Hi I have the latest version of Manjaro (Cinnamon edition) installed on an ssd on my desktop pc.
I also have a second internal hard drive (sata connected) that I use for data storage. The drive has just 2 NTFS partitions on it.
Currently to access the drive from ‘Nemo’ (ver: 5.6.0), I have to go to: Go/Computer, double click on the partition’s name. How can I get those 2 partitions to AutoMonount on boot? Thanks

Using ‘/etc/fstab’ or system mount units…

~$ Via /etc/fstab
~$ zsh: command not found: Via
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Sorry, I tried to say “using /etc/fstab” but how is written can lead to this error. I’ll edit the previous post to avoid mistakes.

Thank you for understanding. New input received. Will include a patch in my next update to interpret “via” in American English.

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Thanks ‘Arrababiski’ ‘Aragorn’ and ‘Maycne.Sonahoz’ for the links to various methods for automounting. I have read the articles and both methods are way more complex that I thought (the 1 or 2 star difficulty rating is way off!)
For the sake of a couple of mouse clicks I’m not going to risk messing with the system. I will continue to read and study the articles and maybe try again, but I find it strange that I can connect an external hdd and it gets automatically mounted, yet I need to modify various files to automount 2 partitions that are on a second hdd permanently attached to the motherboard (sata connector)??

Well, may be there’s another easier way: using genfstab.

Make a copy of /etc/fstab and if something goes wrong you can always restore previous configuration.

I was going to try the editing of ‘Fstab’ instruction as given by ‘Arrababiski’ but then a stumbled a cross a post that explained how to do it in a GUI with ‘Disk’ (Gnome disk utility)! Disk is part of the standard install of Manjaro-Cinnamon (don’t know if it’s included in other editions of Manjaro) - So an easy GUI based solution was staring me in the face all that time!!!
All I had to do is highlight the partition, click on ‘Additional Partition Options’ / ‘Edit Mount Option…’ / and untick ‘User Session Defaults’ That’s it, next time I boot the computer the partition is mounted (/mnt/device UUID) Thanks all for your solutions and help.

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