Automatic login ask for unlocking keyring (vpn)

Hello everybody,

At the moment i got an automatic login on my htpc, because we have relatives which also use the computer allot.

The problem is that i auto-connect to a vpn-server, which requires credentials to unlock the keyring. Is there some ‘secure’ way to avoid this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

When you have deployed autologin - then no keyrings are unlocked - and - to my knowledge - there is no way around it.

You may and I stress may - because I don’t know if it will work - install seahorse and manually remove the password from the default keyring.

This will leave the saved credentials - completely unsecured and it not recommended - as its is totally insecure as any credentials saved in the keyring is world accessible.

Ok thanks for your fast reply, but that wouldn’t exactly be an option indeed.
Hope someone else got a good idea?

Ok ik removed the automatic & passwordless login on my HTPC but still the same problem?

When i want to autoconnect (to my vpn) i need to unlock the keyring first. I won’t have any connection whatsoever without doing this first?

Has is got something to do with PAM?