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I’ve got hybrid graphic on my Lenovo notebook. Radeon dedicated and Intel integrated into my processor. I have read much about working with graphic ( using PRIME? ) but I can’t find solution to automatic whole process without commands before starting a game or a movie. Is there software which could handle AMD cards? I have read about bumblebee but it’s only for nvidia.

If it is not possible, is there a command which can permanently disable one card? I can sacrifice a bit of my battery life for convenience. Thanks for every advice!


you can check if you can disable the intel card in your BIOS.

However, the more sane approach would be to edit the launchers of the programs that you want to run on the AMD card.

if you want to run games through steam on your AMD card, you have to edit the launch options of each individual game, simply put DRI_PRIME=1 %command% in there (you can reach that input field by rightclicking on the game --> properties)

Edit: corrected the incorrect command. thanks Tids

DRI_PRIME=1 %command%


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Your AMD card will use ATI/Radeon open drivers, or if it is new enough the quite excellent AMDGPU (also open). So you will be able to use PRIME.
(ignore how to install and such on that page as we use mhwd for those things)

Thanks. I’ve known that command ( thanks to PRIME article on wiki ofc) but I hoped there is more automatic approach. I have 250+ games on steam and putting that to every single one is redundant. Still I need to add this command to e.g. opengl renderer.
Where else should I change prime driver? I’ll write script or smth like that to change graphic automatically on startup.

I can’t see any options in bios to disable one graphic card.

That wiki talks about setting a different default card and reverse prime. I would assume one of those things fits your needs. But as I have never had a machine that uses this maybe I misunderstand.

Also I found (a bit old) script in aur for GUI setup of prime:

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Script works fine, thanks! Which apps would benefit by using better graphic card? Games, glxinfo, what else? Browsers? Could you pass some other examples?

Your intel is probably good enough to run basic video and desktop and all that. Like I said, I dont use anything hybrid so I dont have a history to draw on, but I usually just see it used for games.
(speaking of which, if you use steam remember to do what @BS86 said for those … it generally seems best to let steam handle those launch options, and to not use PRIME on steam itself)

for browsers, intel chips are more then enough.

Ye, you are right. Thanks a lot for all help :).

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