Autoclose topics after a solution

One wonders if the Borg might regenerate as a Dalek.

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Not is exterminated quickly enough. (Read: vaporised.)

Hmmm, it seems like the current (yesterday) setting is 3 hours. I mean for new solutions like here


This one’s re-opened for another 2 days, so this means it’s been reset to 3 days I think.

So mark it solved? :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s probably best not to jump-the-gun. Wait for @Yochanan for confirmation as the final decision isn’t subject to a democracy; despite opinions being welcome. :wink:

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I don’t know. This one is opened only 18 hours ago and still had the 3h timer.

if solutions are posted in preformatted text format, other users can copy/paste solution with no risk of a typo

If a marked solution is considered risky it should be flagged for moderators to deal with

the final decision isn’t subject to a democracy

IMO Marking a topic solved is primarily OP’s prerogative and I don’t care if they choose a solution that I consider sub-optimal, because I can read all the comments and make my own decisions about the quality of the solution

I won’t be changing the timer on that topic because it will most likely continue off-topic discussion on stochastic parrots

OPs frequently asked question was posted at 16:30 and answered by copypasta 16:41

Well, the point is that the solution hasn’t yet been finalized. In this case we’re waiting on @Yochanan to update us all on the outcome of his efforts. To that end, we wait (as we must) for the final solution. Hmm, that sounded almost apocalyptic. :wink:

AFAICT from looking at recent solved topics, the auto-close timer might be set when topic is started
so some topics might be closed after 3 hours

If users spot this before a topic is closed, moderators can adjust the timer

If a topic is already closed, users can still reply as a linked topic:

Continuing the discussion from Autoclose topics after a solution:

and moderators (or community assistants) can re-open original topic and move linked comments

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Doesn’t make any sense to me. Working full time in three shifts, so a reply can take 10-12 hours. Just another nail in the coffin of this forum.

I think at this point the consensus of the majority is that 3 hours is just very inconvenient and makes no sense. It it gets fixed or not is a task and a decision for the forum admins. We can just tell our point of view.

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Auto-close timer setting has been changed for new topics as explained in post #2

see also: Search results for 'status:solved order:latest' - Manjaro Linux Forum

some older topics might still be set to close after 3 hours

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It’s difficult to reset the clock on older threads.

The presumption is that a timer – read: a cookie; for the sake of easier understanding – has been set on previous threads and there is no option to reset them in bulk.

With no such mechanism in place, the only remaining option is to manually reset the timer of those threads, on a case by case basis.

However, newly created threads no longer have this limitation.

I believe this is what @nikgnomic has attempted to explain.

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Note that the timer doesn’t start when the thread opens, but only when the OP decides he has found a good solution :white_check_mark: . And he therefore thinks he does not need further help.

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Pretty sure I’ve seen topics opened after that which, once solved, closed 3 hrs after the last reply, which in one case was immediately. However I haven’t been paying attention in the last few days, so :man_shrugging: .

The timer starts at the time of the last reply. IMO it should start when the thread is solved and be reset when a new reply is created.

And that’s basically what it does.

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Seems fixed now, hopefully it will not reset again on the next update of discourse.

That’s, what updates are for :wink:

Well it starts when the thread is marked solved, but the start value is from the last reply. So if the last reply is older than the time period, then the thread is immediately locked.

If memory serves, it happened at least once about a week ago.

Which makes perfect sense. Sometimes Quite often the original poster abandons the thread without marking a solution, even though the issue has been solved — it’s all part of the selfish/narcissistic atmosphere of the time. And then someone comes along who notices this and marks a solution, but because the thread was abandoned days earlier, it then immediately gets closed.

Threads that have not been closed are like a magnet for necro-bumpers. We regularly have to split or delete posts that are added to threads which are already months or years old, due to newbies already having discovered how to write — albeit poorly — before having learned how to read. :roll_eyes: