Auto division screen to two windows

Hi everyone,
when we take a window and throw it to the right or left corner, the display divides in two halves and the current window goes either to the right or left based on where I throw it, right?
Now I want that whenever I do that, Manjaro asks me which opened application do I want to put in another half, exactly like what windows do. Is there any way to do that?
I’m using Manjaro KDE.

I have not been playing around with it yet, but as of Plasma 5.27, one now has a tiling editor in which one can pre-define tiling areas and ratios.

You can activate the tiling editor by pressing Meta+T, and I’m not sure, but I think you can then move application windows into the tiled format by holding the Shift key when you move the window.

That which you are asking about concretely and literally is not possible, as far as I know. GNU/Linux is not Microsoft Windows and was also never intended to mimic that platform.

GNU/Linux is a UNIX-family operating system, and the KDE desktop environment — before it was called Plasma — was also specifically created as an alternative to the proprietary CDE desktop environment found on commercial UNIX systems in those days.

Just because Microsoft Windows does a certain thing in a certain way doesn’t mean that it would necessarily be the best way — in fact, it’s almost always the opposite.

It is therefore better for your own ability to productively use GNU/Linux if you familiarize yourself with its own methods of doing things — and the Plasma desktop environment is without a doubt probably the most configurable and flexible of them all — instead of holding onto how Microsoft Windows does things.

I say this because they are very different platforms, and the more you try making GNU/Linux look and feel like Microsoft Windows, the harder it will hit you when you’re being confronted with just how different these two systems are from one another under the hood.

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Thanks for your reply. Could you teach me some of the KDE methods for multitasking? Meta+T is not even close to what I want.
I know that GNU/Linux is not Microsoft Windows, but could you explain in which way is throwing two windows in 2 different sides is better than throwing just one of them?
I’m new to Manjaro and KDE, therefore I would be thankful to learn something new or new ways to do the same thing, so please let me know if you have better ways to do what I want, maybe it’s not convenient for me, because I’m doing it wrong!

You can also set up shortcut keys for automatic tiling. See System Settings:arrow_down:


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