Authoritative August (2017) Screenshots



Very nice, can I have a link to the wallpaper please?


Sure. Here it is:


Thanks for that.


This wallpaper is lovely, @Holmes. Can I get the artist/site?


@Holmes posted some information about the wallpaper last month:




nothing special…
just sharing my vannila shot after installing manjaro kde dual booting with win 10 and uefi enabled for both OS. further, i installed kde-plasma-wayland and tried out. this shot is kde-wayland.
so far, everything is cool on this 2nd laptop… thanks for view.


Had to install Void Linux on my 1st gen 32-bit AcerOne Netbook.
This was back in the days when Netbooks became a buzzword … lol


Do they have octopi now, or you compiled it yourself? (sorry for being off-topic)


Well as you may know Void likes you to use Terminal.
Seeing as I have a medical condition that prevents me from useing text commands for long periods of time I happened to discover octoxbps (GUI for xbps package installations).


2nd shot today of kde on wayland… just changed wall after playing with krita [first time]


And Octopi’s Aarnt made it as well.

It’s great for individual package installation/removal and for searches. But full upgrades should still be by terminal.

Anyway, back to the main topic.



Another shot of i3 on manjaro running on dell laptop


I started watching Robotech again so I wanted to find some nice Robotech wallpapers and this one caught my eye




kde-plasma session on acer…


Bottom right is a conky where the PWR always shows green [not showing battery status]. Any idea how to resolve this ?


There are some scripts here that might give you a hint on how to solve the battery display in conky


Hi, this is my setup :slight_smile: