Authoritative August (2017) Screenshots



I think you posted the thumbnail without the link. :thinking:


Indeed I did, fixed.


Created a new background for the desktop using Blender. There’s plenty of room for icons and panels.


Now this is a nice one. I would remove the icons and hide the panel but that’s my way of doing things. Great picture.



EFL 1.20.2 + Enlightenment-git
I’m using bryce at the top of screen, and a small shelf set to invisible in the lower right.
The shelf is there just to hold the system-tray.
I only need the system-tray for pamac-tray-appindicator and msm-notifier atm, but I have used it for other things like pidgin-indicator and gmusicbrowser, etc.


That looks great. Nice playlist too.






And I am on my Mac again, because my laptop has the same problem again…
BUT this time with manjaro in virtualbox :joy:


Anyone know a icon font with a Manjaro Logo? For the bottom right conky.


(posting now in the correct place…) Manjaro KDE



This is my i3 desktop.Most configurations are from @unix121

Inspired by this image:

Something about this post: Joyful July (2017) Screenshots
and this:

My previous desk: Joyful July (2017) Screenshots


WOW! Wonderful. I love it!!


I prefer Manjaro on my PC, but like the smooth design of Mint. Furthermore I fixed the menu starter in the middle of my taskbar, because I like that from my android phone, which also has the menu button in the middle. I moved the clock to the center too, because that makes it more convenient to watch at it, instead of moving my eyes to the side all the time :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I like a shortcut bar for quick access too, so I added it on the left, but it only appears by moving the cursor to the side.

I use Manjaro on an old notebook, so unfortunately, the resolution isn’t very high, what makes the letters are a little unsharp. But it’s ok for me now, I just want a small taskbar and small window borders with small text, which doesn’t consume many screen space.

Icon design is called Moka.
Window decoration is called Arc.
Wallpaper is called penthouse_sofa_window_style_interior_75612


@subjunkie I really like that more people are adapting into using two bars. Is there any chance that you can tell me which font you are using on the “text clock”? (top left). I like the “linear” feel that it gives to the clock!

@Fedex15 It looks great man! I love the progress bar on the bottom!


That’s my latest desktop:

More screenshots here

Here you can find the colorscheme. I’ve been changing the colours around a lot on this one, whenever something “doesn’t match my eyes” I just play with it a bit. This time I even went a bit further and even themed my personal website with this colorscheme.


Yes sure! It is " Small Type Writing". This font is part of this:
Scroll down to or codeface-fonts.tarxz. Have fun to try them out. There are great fonts in it. Tip: Meslo


OK. Now i`m impressed!! Beautiful.


Oh jeez man, thanks for the reply! There are so many great fonts in here , it’s time to test them all I guess! Thank you very much :slight_smile: And I’m glad you like my setup as well :smiley: