Authoritative August (2017) Screenshots



Yep, but i don’t use it at all & so it’s not in my right click menu !
Thanks for the picture ! :wink:


It’s a nice red panda. Kind of looks like it wants to be a sloth.

Finding is not as satisfying as creating.

I don’t *oogle anything. Besides, by sharing *oogle image search results, you might have violated copyright unless specifically searching for free-to-distribute licences.

Try, or other royalty-free image sites.


Are you running Chrome by any chance?


Nope, only the red panda !


At the end of the day, it’s just a wallpaper. That being said I highly doubt I violated any copyright since my post is just a link to the site. Besides there are more important things to worry about.


Of course there are more important things to worry about, like the photographer making a claim against you. Different countries view linking differently, but there is a difference between providing a link and displaying the image that is linked.

This post is a bit old, but then only liking and displaying two images got this person into the courts: That guy had something to worry about.

All I’m suggesting is to be careful with things that might seem like nothing, but could end up being seriously hot water.


Can we please keep this thread to showing your desktop for this month and discuss that instead of the possibillity of getting a copyright strike over an image that you took from a website that provides wallpapers where user can upload images that they took from a website that provides wallpapers.
This is stuff to discuss on either another thread or another forum. Thank you


Wallpaper changes every 15 mins. DE is Cinnamon configured to look/behave similarly to MATE. Panels intelligently hide when not in use.


Thank you for sharing it before i did it :wink:
To avoid using google search, here’s where i found it:


Maybe I misunderstood this pinned post at the top of the Artwork page.

Show off your original artwork here. Please remember you should have permission to post any art here (either licensed or under “fair use”).

Cutting, copying, pasting and linking work that is not your original work is simply not your original artwork and does not belong here.


And it is under fair use :smile: In its most general sense, a fair use is any copying of copyrighted material done for a limited and “transformative” purpose, such as to comment upon, criticize, or parody a copyrighted work. Such uses can be done without permission from the copyright owner.

@lee next time you intend to quote something, I recommend that you read and understand it.


I understand that ‘your original artwork’ means work you created, which was the main point. The other part is in parentheses, which makes it additional to but not the main point. Fair use is also previously created work included in another original work.

I don’t want to get into a debate on grammar in an original artwork forum.



The internet is like the side walk. If something is left lying about on it and you pick it up so what?


lee there are enough police in the world. Go and create something!
What of your avatar???


My avatar is transformative and is not a post in the Artwork category. I did create some wallpapers as previously posted.


It would be such a tease to show off your desktop and then denying others to get the same wallpaper / themes because you’re not their original creator, don’t you think?

Let’s just enjoy everyone’s desktops and wallpapers. :wink:


The originator would state free use and/or append a CC licence to the theme/wallpaper. I have no issues with people using mine if they so wish, but as pointed out on a comment, I got the proportions wrong on the logo.

I also have to hold my hands up because I posted my second wallpaper creation, but it wasn’t a desktop screenshot.



I made something glitchy for those days:

More screenshots here.


Saw this at unixporn, awesome.