Authoritative August (2017) Screenshots



Oh yeah dark themes, just hide it when the “Light Themers” are around. :fearful:


I’ll throw the first stone…Any working machine is a good machine. :smiley:



No prompt at all in terminal with MacOs ?


zsh. I was to lazy to search or create a nice prompt :joy:





Well done ! :wink:


I haven’t done much with the standard Xfce theme, but I created my own wallpaper with lots of Manjaro Ms using Inkscape. I’m still learning about Inkscape and need to learn about customisation.
I have fcitx installed because I’m learning Chinese Mandarin. It was fairly simple to install and configure, unlike Mandarin.


bspwm + fbpanel - still finding my way around, but am finding it more suited to my needs than i3wm.


Could you post a link to your wallpaper?



There you go.


Xfce as usually do to my Skylake issues, don’t remember what I’ve done as far as icons and all that goes. Harmattan for the Conky, though I wish there was a vertical version. If I ever re-do it as such, I’ll prolly re-write it from the ground up as the code is really ugly. Mmm, don’t remember what I chose with the icons and all that. Usually you can’t see much of the desktop as I keep Discord, DeadBeeF, Telegram and my browser (with up to three windows) up at the same time.

Any how, still doing the pony thing this month more or less

Changed my mind about which should be top and which should be bottom


I just had a go at using Blender to create this Manjaro Mirror. Wow! There’s a lot to learn with that software.
Mirror, mirror on the wall, which Linux distro is (subjectively) the best of them all?




Nice desktop especially while you made it yourself. One small remark though:
When you look at the second picture where you see the official Manjaro logo in the screenfetch window I see that the distances between the green parts of the logo are bigger than in your logo. I mean the total image (in screenfetch) is smaller and the distances are even bigger already. Imagine when you look at both with the same size.
But as I wrote, a small remark.
Nice job.


I see what you mean. I didn’t measure the proportions. I don’t know what the official font is either.



Any link for the red panda wallpaper, please ?


The official font is comfortaa bold (you can install comfortaa from the manjaro repos), you can find the manjaro logo in /usr/share/icons/manjaro (.png and .svg formats).


Cool. Thank you. You are a desktop guru.


Easiest way of finding the wallpaper is… Right click image and go “search Google for image”