Authoritative August (2017) Screenshots






Plasma 5 Manjaro for ever, with a new blue folders icon theme.





A KDE Setup uing Latte Dock

The wallpaper:


I thought I should try out BSPWM for the first time ever, and so far I’m loving it. It’s super lightweight and I kinda fell in love with the awesome “eye-candy” that the community version comes with. Took me a few hours to migrate my whole setup from i3 to BSPWM but I think it was worth the time. 3rd day of using my new setup:

The bar is stock polybar with a few color and font changes, the terminal is URxvt as always.


Loving your wall


Here you go sir.


That looks amazing.


Thank you very much sir!

I’m not gonna lie, I think that I might enjoy BSPWM a bit more than i3. I love the standard tiling here :smiley:


Small updates on theme. Another new background from APOD.

Explanation: Mt. Etna has been erupting for hundreds of thousands of years. Located in Sicily, Italy, the volcano produces lava fountains over one kilometer high. Mt. Etna is not only one of the most active volcanoes on Earth, it is one of the largest, measuring over 50 kilometers at its base and rising nearly 3 kilometers high. Pictured in mid-March, a spectacular lava plume erupts upwards, dangerous molten volcanic bombs fly off to the sides, while hot lava flows down the volcano’s exterior. The Earth’s rotation is discernable on this carefully time, moon-lit, long duration image as star trails.


My desktop is rather simple and looks most of the time the same.
At the moment like this:


Gnome 3 customized to look like Unity, without Global Menu and HUD

New Gnome theme : from Arc-Maia to Adapta-Breath

Didn’t change much…


Only changed the picture of the little one who is now 2 months:

Still bright as can be, no widgets or panel visible, only a picture and a conky.


Please don’t stone me :sweat_smile:
But my laptop died and is at the service center, so I had to get back to my old mac book for the meantime.


Macfuck? :joy:
No problem for me!


All my machines have names like those. My netbook is named littlefuck :joy:


I hope it’s just for your Computers…


of course :smiley: