Authoritative August (2017) Screenshots

Question: Where do you all get these brilliant wallpapers from? Every single one of them is better than mines…
The best I know of are from digitalblasphemy but you have to pay for them.

I’m using WallHaven mostly.

BTW. Small GTK update.
Java code comes from @Piotr’s awesome game called Eist Returns :slight_smile:


Looks great! (mean the code) :wink:

BTW: jumping all the last week long from one distro to another, I still feel best on Manjaro Gnome. Shame that my graphics performance is poor here. :confused:

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Usually I just google “wallpaper” and whatever theme I’m looking for, then select "Images."
There are millions of wallpapers out there.

For example: Wallpaper Penguins

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I have two sources:

  • AlphaCoders, which includes options for filtering resolution, among other things.
  • Safebooru, mainly for japanese-made or -related artwork, with tags including series (purple), characters (green), or artists (red).
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My laptop is finally back from service and the girlfriend is gone, so I could finally set it up again :smiley:
Bye bye OSX and hello my lovely Manjaro :blush:


We need a new topic for September. :slight_smile:

Sinsual September? :kissing_heart:

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Sinsual or Sensual ?
Not bad !

Ps: I just remember what sin is !

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Well, it’s relative… isn’t it?

In these trying times the obverse may be the “right” choice". :wink:

happy trails…

Yep for sure, rather what sin means ! in previous post :slight_smile:

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A year ago @Steve suggested Steamy September and then asked to wait for this year.



Manjaro KDE 5



Icons - older incomplete version of Paper icons which I tweaked with a script from bunsenlabs forum to change folder colour. Then in the index.theme I made it inherit Papirus icons. Since this version of Paper had fewer icons, the end product is a hybrid Paper-Papirus set with folders in maia green.


Love the combo of icons! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I don’t really like the new folder icon in Papirus and also their Firefox icon, but everything else is pretty nice. They also have more icons for more apps than Paper.

So a combination of the two icon sets and especially Paper’s folder icon was good for me.


Hi buddy. It’s almost October.


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