Authoritative August (2017) Screenshots



Getting ready for the total solar eclipse Aug 21. Passes right over my house!

Just hope it’s not cloudy.

Wallpaper downloaded from NASA website.

Awesome August (2016) Screenshots

Nice map. Passes about 50miles south of Portland,Or.
But will still see at 99% or near that in totality I guess.


It’s snowy here on my desktop :mountain_snow:

  • Wallpaper : Blanc
  • DE : xfce4
    • theme : breeze
  • WM : i3-gaps
  • Panel : xfce4-panel
    • panel-plugins : (From left to right) Whisker menu, xfce4-i3-workspaces-plugin , System Load Monitor, Notification Area
  • Desktop Widget : Conky (duh!)
  • “run” menu (dmenu look-a-like) : rofi


Damn You! :roll_eyes: We got Triple digits coming rest of the week.
Expect 105-106 worst days. And you showing Cool So Cool Awww Snow!



Basia Bułat :smiley:


To majority of the world: about 37. - 41 C for 100 -106 Fahrenheit



Good old oxygen theme with bspwm


Theme for this month is ‘Scapes’. All wallpapers can be found here. I do not own rights to the pictures, they all go to their respectfull owners. All colorschemes have been genereated with PyWal


openbox wannabe :wink:


I’m still using this old thing.

DE: KDE Plasma 5
KDE Theme: Ghost
GTK2 Theme: Ghost
GTK3 Theme: Ghost
Icon Theme: Breath
Cursor Theme: Breeze
Wallpaper: Included in the Ghost theme package for Manjaro Strit.

PS: I still need help at perfecting the gtk themes. :wink:


DE: KDE Plasma 5
All Themes: Breeze


Another fractal design. You can find the wallpaper here


Interesting combination you have here. It renders well!


wallpaper link please?


Manjaro OpenRC converted to artix:



Hello once again :smiley:



Hello :grinning:

New wallpaper, from a scene in Kimi no Na wa (Your Name)


vlw fwi, Holmes :slight_smile: