Authentication Popup asking for Password - no one accepted


I tried to install the Virtualbox Extension Pack and was asked by a small system popup (keyring?) for a password. I tried mine as well as “manjaro” but nothing worked. The install was cancel therefor.

Any hints? Thanks in advance!

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The exact details would depend on which keyring it would be.
If it is the gnome keyring, you’ll need to change the keyring password. You can do this using seahorse, by right-clicking on “default keyring”, and selecting “Change Password”.

Alternatively, you can remove login.keyring and user.keystore from /home/{username}/.local/share/keyrings/ . Be warned that this will permanently delete all saved keys. After removing the files, simply log out and log in again.

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Did you find a solution to this? I get the popup window every time i double-click an executable.
for eg. can run unetbootin from the terminal using sudo but if i double click in dolphin i get the popup asking for password and my sudo password doesn’t work. I tried “manjaro” too and the same happens when i try to install the extension pack

It doesnt appear anymore, it was resolved with a system upgrade some time later.