AUR: Socket I/O timed out

pamac build (package_name)
Failed to query[]=(package_name) from AUR: Socket I/O timed out
Error: target not found: (package_name)

I have read Pamac AUR support sucks, has this DDOS issue 17 days ago fixed?

(I cannot answer at the original post as it has been closed)

I use much AUR packages as typora, visual-studio-code-bin (I do not use Code-OSS), ds9

here is not a ddos problem

you can test good url , for example

curl '[]=visual-studio-code-bin'

I used to use yay but after:

I switched to pamac

If pamac is so uneasy to use(does not support auto-AUR, sometimes I/O timed out, clicking AUR, I even cannot find vscode the first time till I clicked update and clicked AUR), maybe I should switch back to yay

I think the maintainers have under-estimated the security of AUR, maybe a few more choices?

So why is the Socket I/O timed out? It does not happen all the time.

pamac 10.2.2-5

server no response (after xx time), its not a pamac error but your connexion or aur server

OK so its my problem, not pamac’s?

Can I set aururl reverse proxy on pamac?

like this

yay --aururl "" --save

I do not find any config files or commands on pamac which supports this.

No, but apparently there’s the cause of your socket timeout. Turn off your Great Firewall. :laughing:

Perhaps open an issue requesting the feature. :wink:

Thanks! I use VPN but it seems to do nothing about this.

I have made an issue:

I’m sorry, I’m going to have to refer you to GFW technical support. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s neither an issue with Manjaro nor Aurweb.

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