AUR packages that constantly update for no reason


for example firefox-always-nightly any ideas? I tend to update twice a day (morning and evening) and this package reinstalls the same version (OK twice - three times, poor example I know).

This is not a biggy, it is a binary package, so is quick, but I have had this happen before, including a long compile. Pissed me off so much I eventually uninstalled :smiley:


Did you read the pinned comment?

That’s why it’s called “always-nightly” and why the version is 99.0a1, and not 56.0a1 or whatever Nightly is at right now.

With this package, every system upgrade with an AUR-aware pacman wrapper WILL try to fetch the latest Nightly, even if there is no new build. This is not a bug.
Caching wrappers like pacaur will cache properly, though, so those won’t download the same file twice.

Thus, please DO NOT flag this package out of date if:

  • it seems it’s not been updated (it doesn’t need to), or
  • the version seems wrong (that’s intentional).


As I said poor example :smiley: But this has happened before. Just wondered if it was possible to stop it?


I have the same problem with another package from AUR.
I 've set it to the IgnorePkg list.
You can do it either from Pamac or manually in the pacman.conf and upgrade manually until the maintainer fixes it sometime.
You can check the aur website at your package page to read the user comments.


Yes, suppose that is the answer. The package that caused the problem, worked well for months, then started to exhibit these symptoms. It was rarely used, so I found an alternative :smiley:


The PKGBUILD for this firefox-always-nightly and similar the GIT/SVN/CVS/HG packages have a dynamic pkgver wich normally is created form a commit or in the case of firefox-always-nightly for a text file on a server.

If you use an aur helper that understand this, it downloads only the info to compare the dynamic versions. If they match nothing further happens. If they don’t a new package is created.

Ok, it seems I’m wrong. This firefox-always-nightly package is really build every time.


As I said - minor annoyance - it is binary, it is quick to reinstall.

I thought pacaur’s flag --needed may sort it, but I am in the middle of a big --devel update so cannot test.

The really annoying packages reinstall after a long compile - but if there is no solution, then I will continue with dumping them :smiley: It has only happened a few times since I have been using AUR.

:Edit: --needed does indeed work. Updating my aliases now.


Yes, it works for me too. But if there is no file in the cache, it will downloaded and only after that pacaur will skip it.


This can also happen with a poorly-written PKGBUILD, for example if the pkgver starts with a letter.


All good info thanks.


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