AUR Packages don't show up anymore on Pamac GUI (Add/Remove Software)

For some reason I can’t see any AUR packages on the Pamac GUI (Add/Remove Software) anymore. Installing via CLI seems to work though.

Software mode is disabled and AUR Support is enabled. It had been working since I enabled it but it just suddenly stopped working like yesterday.

I am going to guess you mean it doesnt show in ‘all’ … but does it if you select the AUR category?
If so - this is by design.

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I see… yes, they do show up only on the AUR section. That’s not how it was for me for like the year that I’ve been using Manjaro. It used to show up on “All”. When/why did it change and is there anything I can do to make AUR packages appear on “All” again like it used to?

It changed like that because pamac was poorly handling the AUR - functionally DDoSing it, was banned multiple times (unusable at all), and this reorganization was part of the ‘fix’.
You cannot change it back.

Maybe there is gonna be a change in the text to better reflect the search,something like this

But nothing official yet.

It was explained to me that regardless the position of Repositories, the global search will not change if AUR is enabled, except that was removed for now. My point was that each time someone types or edits the search in the search field, to default to Repositories, even if some other category is selected, so you first type, and then you can click on category and get the result, so when you would click on All with AUR enabled, the search query would be a complete word, but also i was told that it will not work that way due to the way the code is …

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