AUR packages are found by Yay but not Octopi

If I use yay -Ss fslint I get output of:

aur/fslint 2.46-2 (+303 0.26)
Finds and clean various forms of lint on a filesystem

But using Octopi (even with AUR Options set to ON) I do not find a result.

Have been using Manjaro/Arch for 2 years+ but just installed yay and Octopi recently.

Have I misconfigured my system?

Not sure if octopi uses pacman or pamac. IFIK pacman only updates official repos where pamac updates official and aur. Any reason you are using octopi? Pamac is the default gui for manjaro now

Are you sure you clicked on that Alien icon? Because it works fine here.

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It uses pacman.

Octopi may need manual refreshing first. There’s a button in the toolbar for that. :wink:

Pamac may be the default now, but Octopi is still being maintained and still works. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the update, I know octopi was the default but I was a long time mint user until this year. I’ve only used pamac gui and discovery with manjaro ,great there’s so many options :+1::+1:

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Thanks folks. I did not click on the Alien Icon. Now that I have just don that, I do see fslint.

Seems that I need to set in Octopi->Tools->Options-Backend to pacman rather than ALPM+pacman.

And as far as Pamac goes. I really made a simple mistake here. What an idiot I am. I did not turn AUR to ON after a recent re-install of my system. (I had a crash and Timeshift did not help me)


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