aur package to improve performance

from archwiki improving_performance

this package does following
* sets performance governer
* sets swappiness to 5
* vm.vfs.cache.pressure to 50
* enables zram and zswap using systemd-swap
* udev rule to change ioscheduler based on disk type
* enables systemd services for ananicy cpupower haveged irqbalance nohang preload systemd-swap fstrim.timer

used packages

i dont know how long it will be in aur but anyway.


File System can always be tweak. But... that going be too risk to make. but. people with ssd might want to look into it. ext4 are still one the fastest. but kind of old now.

But. Make changed in the less risky way? Not sure what less that can be done without having to go into bois setting. mmmm. I hear a lot people like using zen kernel for gaming. But. I'm not sure how much that hold up today. When we have thing like bfq scheduler.

seems pretty interesting didn't know there was a hook for timeshift and pacman
will have a look later at home.

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