AUR Package Request: Morphosis - App for converting documents

I recently came across this app.

It is only available as a Flatpak so far, but it would be great if someone can package it in the AUR.

(Note: I am not affiliated with this app in any way)

Its just a frontend for pandoc.

Written in python and using libadwaita.

The developer provides it as a flatpak and as a flatpak only.

I dont see it as worthwhile enough to try and unpack.

Then flatpak it is :slight_smile: - as long it is not snap :slight_smile:

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The multiplatform GhostWriter may interest you; especially it’s document conversion capabilities when coupled with pandoc:

sudo pacman -S pandoc ghostwriter


You’re someone. :wink:

I see you maintain a few AUR packages. Morphosis can be built with Meson & Blueprint Compiler. See Meson package guidelines.