AUR package out of date in pamac

Like the title says a package whatsapp-for-linux is out of date only on my pamac app. The app notified me of an update so I checked on the aur packages page and it does have an update but pamac only has listed the old. I tested on Endeavour OS with pamac and it has the new latest version listed not the same as Manjaro.

Any ideas why? Am I misssing something?

Might be, as the whatsapp-for-linux is in the community repositorie.


and is the same version on Manjaro - Branch Compare for all branches


On the AUR is at v1.1.7, while in the repo is at 1.1.2, likely pamac also check on the AUR

For building the latest version from AUR without using an AUR helper

sudo pacman -Syy git base-devel --needed
git clone
cd whatsapp-for-linux
makepkg -sicC

As much as i can, i use official packages, even tho might be a bit behind. The versioning issue might be related to pamac tho …

Your right it is on the community repo. I told it to check the AUR and that also said 1.1.2. Thats why I was confused for a minute.

Looks like I have to uninstall to get the new version in the future or remember the commands Lolix posted.

Do you have the proper configuration in Pamac Preferences, to check for AUR updates?

@omano I always do and just checked again and it is set to check for AUR updates. I always have that set.

Maybe there is some sort of cache in Pamac. Did you try the Update tab in Pamac?

@omano Yes I did all that :slight_smile: Looks like pamac will show the version that is installed already. So if you have a community package like I do then the AUR package, newer or not will show you the version that is installed and not the new that is available.

Maybe this should be added to pamac if it’s not a some kind of bug? I can see how this would be confusing.

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