August Aberrations (2019) Screenshots

I couldn't see one for August so.....


Still playing with Gnome Wayland.


DWM today....

wondering how to patch ewmh patch to dwm-6.1. any idea ? the conky wmctrl doesnt identify dwm ! i had to manually edit


Basic & boring. Switched to XFCE.



That's Activity1. My Activity2 is currently a bit chaotic & too messy to show here IMO. The LHS-side & centre-bottom KSmoothDocks are normally "AutoHide", & the bottom LHS & RHS Plasma panels are "Windows Can Cover".

EDIT: Better method...


Following the wise tuition of @realmain, here's my summary for the dark arts of this new pic-linking trick.

Step 1: upload the pic to Postimage.
Step 2: copy its "Direct link"
Step 3: In the forum post draft, paste in characters ![](_insert Postimage_Direct_Link_)
Step 4: Then replace [only] _insert Postimage_Direct_Link_ with clipboard contents per #2

Direct link [opens external pic by opening said external hosting site in new tab]:

Thus, applying The Method [opens external pic as overlay in current tab, whilst remaining in forum]:

CONCLUSION: Now that i understand the recipe, @realmain's method is vastly superior to my old way, & is what i'll adopt in future. Thanks @realmain :+1:

18 days later...
This is Activity 2, at which a single glance will explain my earlier remark of "chaotic & too messy". I'd love to be able to have Conky be deactivated when i switch to A2, & reactivate each time i return to A1 [which is my primary A], coz self-evidently the overlap of Conky with the Plasma desktop widgets is very ugly & tasteless. However A2 is only my "administration" A, so most of the time its visual horror is hidden from me.


1 Sept 2019 -- tidied up my Admin Activity [Activity 2] a bit [resolved the hitherto plasmoid vs conky overlaps, harmonised the colours a little].


I love the spartan aesthetic. :blush:

Oh damnit, i was actually going for a Peloponnesian motif... i'd better start over.

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I was wondering, do you get Voyager and Pioneer Telemetry too? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


People say she is still stuck to the wall :smiley:


What theme are you using?

XFCE....nobody likes Gnome Desk :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Showing off continuing work on matcha (soon to be renamed 'matchama')
And 2 widgets - finally got a centered clock in plasma using @psifidotos's easily configurable 'latte spacer' which works in normal plasma panel as well as the small 'Digital Clock WL' which has a nice simpler calender (but isnt configurable)


Still working on it, but here is my current Openbox setup. Will post an updated shot tonight (or tomorrow) with a busy shot as well.


WOW! What file manager is this?! @xircon

@kdemeoz, you can input the actual picture here instead of just a thumbnail using


i.e. for you would be:


Nautilus (AKA Files).

This is my setup:

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I already know how to do it, but i am exercising a modicum of deference to the many people who historically complained about my [& others'] use of pics directly into the forum. It's not been discussed [nor complained about] for many months, but there was a time when it seemed to annoy many people.

EDIT: IIRC one of the older complaints was apprehension about potentially/actually placing excessive storage demands on Manjaro servers. Personally, i much much prefer as a reader to see others' pics directly in their posts, rather than [as i did above] merely externally link them... AND as a poster i also prefer the ease/convenience of not having to faff about with using external sites. Soooooooo, if there is now an altered policy view, i shall happily revert to direct embedding... but someone official probably should advise on this... please?


Yes, I remember this conversation. But using something like


Doesn't actually take storage space because it's hosted on a different website ( in this case). If you click on the photo, it'll send you to that url.

Mine up there for example is:




Oh! I CAN see Voyager telemetry! COOL!

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That's @kdemeoz's image btw, not mines haha

Yep. :grin:

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