Audio recording from source

i m new to linux.In windows while recording from external source to Audacity,sound can be monitored and software like VOICE MEETER are available but not in Manjaro linux.Item is recorded thru Pulse Audio but I cant hear the recording.

I suspect that the recorded item that cannot be monitored is likely to be a microphone or line-in audio source

Internal mic or input jacks usually have controls in ALSA for Loopback Mixing and/or playback monitoring controls for Mic/Line inputs to play audio direct to Headphone/Speaker outputs. The monitor controls are usually turned off by default.

USB interfaces usually have zero-latency monitoring to mix microphone input to headphones, usually controlled by hardware controls on the unit
Some USB microphones have headphone jack sockets for monitoring and may have hardware controls or ALSA software controls for monitoring
If a USB device does not have a headphone jack socket it cannot support direct audio monitoring

Audacity has an option in Preferences:Recording to allow software playback but the audio stream playing through Audacity and PulseAudio is delayed and not good for monitoring.
Using direct hardware connections in ALSA with no sound server would have the least amount of latency delays, but many people cannot talk over their own voice if audio is even slightly delayed


I have issues with friend’s computer, her sound card and latest Manjaro Linux.

I have this issue i struggle with, last 3 - 4 days. We are trying to record music from electronic Piano, connected to and Creative Sound Blaster Audigy RX, using latest Tenacity and we have no signal monitoring. also there is no signal input according to tenacity. The computer uses ALSA. It is interesting that if i connect the piano to Microphone input and i make all the changes to use microphone it works, we have sound, monitoring, signal level lines move, and there is signal recorded, can be replayed, but when i move the cable to line in, and i change sources to line in, it fails.

Computer details:
HP-Compaq 8000 Elite
CPU: Core 2 Quad q9650
RAM: 16 GB, 4 sticks 4 GB each, DDR3, 1333 in Dual channel
GPU: Quadro 2000
Sound: Creative SoundBlaster Audigy RX
Manjaro Linux 22.0.0 “Sikaris” is installed with proprietary drivers and Kernel headers were installed, then all software was installed.

As troubleshooting action i updated all software, no improvement, then i updated the Kernel (respectively the headers got updated), No luck. Again i moved the cable to Microphone input i adjusted settings to record from microphone it works, going back to line in input, change settings to line in it fails. i used the moment to update BIOS of the computer. I was also referring to Manjaro documentation, about how to select and manage sound inputs. During troubleshooting, I also assumed that Tenacity is at fault, i changed to Audacity stable branch - 3.2.3-1 Audacity shows the exact same behavior like Tenacity has.

And i got stuck.