Audio Issues On Fresh Install

Hello, I’m very new to the Linux community and I don’t quite know what I’m doing yet. I decided to try switching to Manjaro KDE as my main OS to better protect my privacy. Other than basic command line commands (cp, ls, mkdir, rm), I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m enjoying learning. I used to mess around with Kali and enjoyed doing some basic wargames.

I’ve installed the most recent version of the Manjaro KDE and I’m having some difficulties. I use a laptop dock as my desktop workstation for ease of portability, but it means that I have some weird stuff going on with my audio. I have two audio devices appearing, my laptop’s built-in speakers and my HDMI output (which is connected to my main monitor and speakers). However, I use my computer’s built in 3.5mm audio jack for my headphones, but the device doesn’t appear in the list. Hopefully I can get some help to get it working.

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Welcome to Manjaro

Please post full response to

pacmd list-cards

to show the audio inputs and outputs available

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