Audio Interface is incorrectly recognized as surround-device


I have an USB-Audio-Interface (Steinberg UR44, class-complaint). Audio In/Out works.

Problem: It is recognized as a surround-device, which is wrong. It has 4 Mono / 2 Stereo - Outputs.
In Manjaros (KDE) Sound-Manager no stereo-option is available, only “Analog Surround 4.0”.

Where can I change this? It’s not so great to only hear half the sound in games, for example…

thanks in advance

Hey @darkdonald :wink:

Look like this blogger had the same problem.

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Surround profiles are usual for audio servers intended for use with consumer audio devices
(PulseAudio or pipewire-pulse)

The simplest way to access all channels of a multichannel pro-audio device is to use an audio server designed for pro-audio use (JACK or pipewire-jack) and a JACK patchbay that shows all the
inputs and outputs

I suggest you Install pipewire-jack & qpwgraph patchbay and restart system
When system restarts there should be a pro-audio profile available in KDE sound manager for the UR44 interface
and qpwgraph should show all 4 inputs and outputs for Interface

Try pavucontrol - might solve your issue. Its normaly a specific driver problem as Steinberg normaly uses Logic drivers when I rember correctly.

If pavucontrol does not resolve the issue, you can create a custom ALSA configuration.

This audio device uses snd_usb_audio drivers on Linux

ALSA Use Case Manager alsa-ucm-conf has a custom UCM configuration for this device

PipeWire package alsa-card-profiles has profile-sets for some devices in folder /usr/share/alsa-card-profile/mixer/profile-sets/ but does not include profile-sets for Steinberg devices

PipeWire profile-sets are duplicates of PulseAudio profile-sets in folder /usr/share/pulseaudio/alsa-mixer/profile-sets/ - Writing pulseaudio profiles