Audio from an android device

I wan’t to use my android/iOS mic as a primary input mic on the system. I shifted to Manjaro KDE version just yesterday and I am an absolute newbie to the Linux environment. I used to use Windows 10 before and used to make my mic work through an application called ‘WO Mic’. I also used to use ‘Iriun Webcam’ for using my android device as a webcam. I have installed Droidcam for the video input(I am not satisfied with the video output quality, so please let me know if I have any other options for this). As for audio, I am not able to figure out a way to make my android mic work, nor am I able to use the audio output from Droidcam. Can you please provide step by step instructions on how can I make this possible theough droidcam or any other software required.

Thanks in advance!