Audio file thumbnails in dolphin

Is there a way to make dolphin to show thumbnails for mp3 ablum art, i always had this problem with KDE 5., i hoped it got fixed with the new kde release but it is still not fixed or maybe no feature availabe for it … not sure about it, but i can’t find anything every time i google it.
any ideas?

Try installing from AUR audiothumbs-frameworks-git

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Thank you Cubanpit, your suggestion worked great :slight_smile:

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There is actually a KDE package for it, kimageformats, I believe.

You do not have to install a git package from the AUR!

P.S. Did you click on’Preview’ in Dolphin?

That one does not appear to work unless you click an image. If you click an mp3 or ogg file it never seems to show cover are even if an image is embeded in the file or in the directory.

Did you actually get it to to work? I have kimageformats installed and it does not preview cover art for audio files, but launching any of several audio players will show the cover art in the player.

Yes, it works—just a moment while I check–yep!

In Dolphin, do you have it set to show under Control>Configure Dolphin>General>Previews?

And do you have the other image formats installed (ffmpegthumbs, kdesdk-thumbnailers)?


For some reason I can’t make it work.
I had already installed just what you say I need:

[jsa@ManjaroVM ~]$ sudo pacman -Q kimageformats ffmpegthumbs
kimageformats 5.27.0-1
ffmpegthumbs 16.08.2-1

Here’s what I see in the settings panel you mention:

There is nothing allowing audio file album art in that list of options, and all I see is a generic icon in the preview pane.

So then I installed audiothumbs-frameworks-git from AUR, and double check that it is installed:

jsa@ManjaroVM ~]$ sudo pacman -Q kimageformats ffmpegthumbs >audiothumbs-frameworks-git[sudo] password for jsa:
kimageformats 5.27.0-1
ffmpegthumbs 16.08.2-1
audiothumbs-frameworks-git r5.d10c667-1

And after that single change, here is what I see:

Suddenly the top item in the General/Preview tab is Audio files, and the album art appears in the Preview.

So I don’t understand why it shows for you without that package installed. According to Pamac the only two files in that audiothumbs were these:


So I wonder if those files appear in your machine and if they snuck on there via a different route?

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MIne, slightly different layout.

I have neither of these: [quote=“jsamyth, post:8, topic:12321”]

I suppose it is just another difference between KDE in Manjaro and KDE in vanilla Arch.


EDIT: There is the “ugh-known kde factor” to consider. KDE devs from time-to-time remove, change, and combine libraries/packages. Base install of Plasma varies from 269 to 277 packages, yet stays about the same in KDE applications. Since my system is different from yours from the beginning, we will never match in exact settings or libraries, but will most usually have the same features/apps. Anyway, my thoughts…

Well, not really. We are talking apples and oranges here.

Yours is only showing thumbnails if there happens to be a jpeg in the directory. Your actual songs are still shown with a generic icon. Your’s is still fundamentally broken.

Showing a directory with audiothumbs-frameworks-git installed looks something like this:

Note there is no .jpg in the directory at all. The song mp3 have album art built into them, (most of them do these days).

The display shows that art both for the side preview panel, and also as an icon for each song. (I threw in a stray song into that directory just to show that the album art is potentially different for each song). No jpg files to get lost, miss-placed, lost.

Older mp3 files don’t have images, and these can be fetched from the internet with a competent tool. I don’l know if KDE does that or not).

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I see! Thanks for the explanation. :smiley:


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