Audacity wine runs better than native

ive been using audacity and it has a lot of issues. the playback cursor is very laggy during play back, the horizontal scroll bar doesn’t show up, some of my audio devices don’t work and its just overall very laggy and unstable having also crashed my entire system on occasion. decided to try windows version through wine instead and it works much better with none of the above issues present. ive used audacity in the past in manjaro kde and it worked fine so im wondering if the issues have to do with gnome? (im using gnome 45 wayland)


Most likely a configuration issue … Manjaro Linux is not a completely self configuring plug’n’play system.

Sometimes you need to get below the hood to adjust things …

I can say this about windows Games on linux.
It’s more the rule than an exception that I prefer to run the game with proton even though a native version is available.
Proton is just THAT good. I have the feeling devs realize this and focus more on getting it to run flawlessly with proton rather than natively on linux. I have actually no issue with that approach, proton is there, why not use it. xD

I also assume that wine prefix you use somehow utilizes proton.
This is not a game though, but the dev approach might be the same.

There are many issues with Audacity (935)
But I do not consider it is a native Linux package, because:

  1. Audacity requires portaudio to connect to ALSA or JACK


  2. Also requires libpulse ALSA plugins to record/play to PulseAudio


  3. Audacity can load/save it’s own file formats (.aup and .aup3) but other audio formats must be imported/exported. No support for .bin + .cue recordings

AUR package ocenaudio has none of the above limitations


Ocenaudio has been ported to Windows (and MacOS) so can be used to compare performance of Wayland and WINE on Gnome

But I have never experienced any performance issues with Audacity on Xfce


+1 for Ocenaudio,

I dropped Audacity for Ocenaudio a couple of years ago, haven’t missed anything. You can download Arch Packages directly from their website as well. Not sure why this package has not made it to the repos but it would be nice.


thanks I will look into ocenaudio then. that or ill just use it through wine i guess