Audacity 2.4.1-4: error when using Ctrl+Shift+I shortcut

There is a problem in Audacity 2.4.1-4: whenever I import a song for editing with the Ctrl+Shift+I" shortcut,:

I get this:

How should I proceed?

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I searched for information and asked questions on the audacity forum and the recommendation was to install and try the

audacity-wxgtk2 3.0.2-1

That’s what I did and the BUG does not occur in version 3.0.2 but in 2.4.1-4 the BUG is recurrent in Manjaro, so [Solved].


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Edited the title by removing BUG, but wanted to inform the Manjaro-Team that:

audacity                                    1:2.4.1-4                 community 
    A program that lets you manipulate
    digital audio waveforms

has this bug, which is small but:

  • persistent
  • annoying

And I am here just trying to give you a heads-up on a workaround for this.

Oh, and I’m sorry for reporting this here, because I don’t know where the best place to do this is, remember I’m new to the forum

What kind of warning is this?
I can’t reproduce your issue regardless of the DE and branch install …


OP shared a problem ans solution and is trying to inform the Manjaro ream. Editing Edited


It’s not a Manjaro bug: it’s an Audicity bug, so posting a solution was the correct action, but there is no need to inform the Manjaro team *as you’ve been able to solve it without involvement from the team.

Please read this:

(Particularly, the section on "Up/Downsteam)


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Let’s go by parts to see if my english (google translator) can be understood.

I am on the contrary, NOOB on Windows and even …, I can say, intermediate in the use of GNU/Linux, whatever it may be.

Yes, but I am not a wobbly guy, but I do well, I always post in forum, because I am one of those old guard who convincedly think that this is the best place for learning, be it in any operating system.

Yes, @Fabby, I will read, since that is always what we are here for, to read, to try to improve ourselves and to help other companions:

“The miracle is this - the more we share, the more we have.” Leonard Nimoy a.k.a Dr. Spock

Best regards,
Paulo Creto

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Audacity is overdue for an update but that has not happened upstream in Arch repository

Arch Linux - audacity 1:2.4.1-4 (x86_64)
Flagged out-of-date on 2020-06-27

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