Attempting to decrypt master key does not respond to keyboard

Hello there. I am a brand new Manjaro user. I installed my Manjaro Linux KDE for the first time today on a technically brand new PC. The PC has one SSD and one HDD drive. The HDD drive was salvaged from an old windows PC and it was still working today before testing out my Manjaro (It opened by default before I had time to boot from USB so I know).

I went through the process of installing it very easily. Set the language to UK English, installed my Greek keyboard and went along to reboot for the updates to be installed while also having selected for Manjaro to clear the entire drive for itself. The moment the PC reopened though, I got a strange message:
Attempting to decrypt master key...
Enter passphrase for hd3,gpt2 (a long string of characters follows) :

After that I simply typed my passphrase. But it did not even register. I tried to type other keys. Only enter and escape worked. Enter simply moved me on to a second line and after that nothing responded and Escape went to grub rescue mode.

I then watched and searched even more. I could apparently type anything I wanted in grub rescue but not in the first line, for some reason. No one seams to have the same problem as me. It cannot be the keyboard layout since it works in grub rescue but not on the initial line.

What can I do to fix this??? Help!!!

Maybe the passphrase is not echoed, so you are typing but it doesn’t show that you’re typing.
If you enter your passphrase correctly and confirm with Enter, does it work?

(I don’t use grub so I don’t know if not echoing is the default.)

Additionally, I don’t know how to set the key map to Greek during boot in grub. Try your passphrase with the English keymap.

Jesus Christ you are a God. I had tried it before EXACTLY as you told but it hadn’t worked. Now that I tried it again though it did indeed work, all it needed was a little time!!! Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!

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