Attempting Manjaro install to iMac G5 PPC 1.8GHz

Hi everyone.
I’m trying to install Manjaro on my old iMac G5. I’m open to whatever version will work best, but I’ve been trying to install the Deepin version–and running into some difficulties. I had previously installed Lubuntu Xerial Xenus via DVD-R, but it didn’t work well at all…primarily because it couldn’t connect to internet via ethernet or wifi.

Now, in trying to install Manjaro Deepin, I can’t get the iMac to boot from a DVD-R or USB.
There’s more I could say about what I’ve tried, but maybe I should just leave it there and ask for some pointers/ideas, which would be very much appreciated…

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sorry you need only distro linux with powerpc or ppc64

dont forget that you only have OpenFirmware for booting , this is not Grub !

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Thanks stephane. So…based upon that, looks like some version of Unbuntu would be a good bet. I see that 18.04 “Bionic Beaver” is listed by Ubuntu as a PowerPC option. Do you think that would be good for me to try? As far as OpenFirmware goes…does this mean I should not be trying to boot by holding down the option key and looking for drives, but rather going to the “terminal” and typing in some certain code/command etc…?

stephane…well, a little confusing. Looks like maybe I need to download Precise Penguin version.

That’s 12.04 which is EOL (also “Pangolin”). You should look elsewhere.

You probably want something like then add the desktop packages after installation.

It will be a little more effort but should work OK.

thanks, jonathon.
I tried both–the Precise Pangolin and the Ubuntu 18.04.2.
Burned to DVD-R on a Sierra Mac with a 3rd party iso burning software and the factory Disk Utility.
Held the “C” key while turning on computer.
Computer did seem to be trying to boot from “CD-ROM” (as computer referred to it), but…
-went to a “yaboot” prompt asking me to press 1 for some Linux something, or press c to boot from CD-ROM.
Pressing C never got me anywhere…can’t remember what the “reply” was…just seemed to keep circling over and over to press C or press 1, and when I would press c it would just give me something like “trying to boot to C…” or somesuch.
Also tried holding down the command+apple+shift+delete keys while trying the above; didn’t work.
I should perhaps back up to explain that I current have a Lubuntu version running (but not working well at all–no ethernet or wifi for starters); maybe that explains why yaboot offered the “press 1 for linux GNU” or something like that as an alternative to “press C to boot from CD-ROM”
Anyhow…looking like maybe I need to educate myself about “Open Firmware” and “yaboot”.
Any suggestions appreciated.

If you’re installing Ubuntu, the best place to ask is

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Yes, I understand. I’m new to this world of Ubuntu Lubuntu Kubuntu Xubuntu Linux Mate
and tend to lump them all together.:wink:
Thank you all for the help.
Will head over to Ubuntu forum…

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Aside from AmigaOS systems, are there any PCs still being made using PPC CPUs? And how many distros even support PPC currently?

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