Ath11k device shows "no network devices available" in system bar after reboot

Apparengly my battery died while I was hibernate, and suddenly I no longer had access to my wireless from the bar upon booting back up.

I had originally adopted kernel 5.11 in order to get ath11k. It’s worked fine until now (a couple of months).

I did an upgrade last week, but the kernel version stayed the same.

System logs show the ath11k and ath11k_pci modules loading fine. No vaguely related warnings/errors are present. Both “lsmod” and “lspci -k” shows the Qualcomm device just fine. However, “ip addr” shows it not being present and the kernel messages, mentioned above, say “…renamed iface from ‘wlan0’ to ‘wlp4s0’” and yet neither is represented by a device file at least as of the end of boot.

I’ve tried disabling the device in the BIOS, rebooting, shutting down, unplugging peripherals and power and waiting ten minutes, turning back on, reenabling, booting, and still no good.

I’ve tried booting into 5.10 and then back into 5.11, and no good there either.

I’m currently traveling, so I don’t have any screwdrivers on me with which to reseat my radio. Even then, given the above I’m not sure it’d make a difference.

Does anyone have any other ideas before I escalate this to the driver maintainers?

I bought a Netgear dongle, successfully got it connected, did another update (which included some updated to various network tools/systems, including a Qualcomm thing), bumped my kernel from 5.10 to 5.12 (installed, then restarted), unplugged the dongle, and my Qualcomm wireless had finally returned.

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