ASUS Touchpad issue in newer linux kernel

Hello! I would like to report an issue to the right place, but I'm not sure which is the right place; thus I am asking for a suggestion.

The touchpad of my ASUS UX310UQ has an issue with Linux 5.4. In KDE Plasma, there is an option to disable the touchpad when a mouse is plugged in. This option works perfectly in Linux 4.19. In Linux 5.4, instead, if the option is enabled then touchpad is permanently disabled, even when no mouse is plugged in.

I think touchpad driver has been improved in Linux 5.4, because it feels slightly more usable (it is quite terrible in Linux), but I don't know for sure. Maybe a new driver version has introduced this issue. Maybe the source of the problem is another one.

Does anybody else experience the same issue? Do you think it is worth reporting to Plasma team, or somewhere else?

you have to check beteween libinput and i2c
and files Xorg conf for both cases

Thanks @stephane. What do you suggest looking for, if I may ask?

if synaptics :
if libinput :

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