ASUS Ryzen 5 3550h laptop has bad Linux support

Hello. I have an Asus laptop that have the ryzen 5 3550 h and the Rx 560, I am very disappointed with the Linux performance in that laptop for :

  1. Battery drain, in manjaro the battery is 4-6 hours. In Windows it is 10 hours
  2. No support for memory pens and my Samsung can't tether to the laptop , no idea why.
  3. The c states that Linux recognize are 3, poll, c1 and c2( is it 2 c states ?)
  4. The inalambric connection
    I know that I can't blame on manjaro or the kernel, it is something usual for modern hardware
    The making objective of that post is to know if there is more people having a ryzen laptop that has problems with battery or if they have compared with windows and windows battery was much better.
    I want to know because I am planing to return the laptop and to buy something older, but if there is problems with battery drain in Linux with ryzen .. I am going to intel

For view the battery drain you can use powertop(minimum brightness) with the battery and no more apps and to view the c states recognized by the kernel cpupower idle-info
I have for example 5w of power consumption in idle in Windows and 12 W in Linux, how much watts of power usage has your laptops ? :slight_smile: Have the support and battery improve with newer kernels ? thanks :slight_smile:

How many times are you going to ask this question over how many threads?

If you haven't had an answer you want then you aren't going to get one.

You can't buy a brand-spanking-new piece of hardware and expect immediate support from Linux unless the manufacturer writes drivers for Linux and submits them to the kernel (or wherever) for inclusion.

If you want better Linux support for your hardware then complain to the manufacturer.

Try them and find out. It's pretty trivial to do.

Thread title edited to make the issue clear, moved to #general-discussion:rants-and-raves because it's a complaint about a hardware manufacturer


And if I ask for this only, are you going to move to this place or are you going to let it in general discussions?
I want to know more about amd ryzen mobile in Linux only , no more, I have no answer, it is because I am asking for. I think is not tha bad to ask..
Can I put other thread asking only for ryzen mobile ? Or not

you dont realize that :
Ryzen 3 series appears 7 july with very BAD state of Bios
many manufacturers have sent more than 3 update Bios in a month ...
for any new family motherboard and processor , it means almost 3 months to start a little support in linux for all distribution

you have to learn TO WAIT


But I am asking for others gens !

What is your specific question?

What you mean is Zen 2 (like the desktop models 3700X, etc).
Those 3xxx mobile processors are Zen+ which was launched in April 2018 and should be working ok in the meanwhile.

Wow, that's a lot. You might want to play around with tlp and powertop.
I have mine @ 3.2W idle

My guess is that your high power consumption is mainly caused by the RX560.


how is the battery performance in your ryzen laptops?
put your outputs of cpupower idle-info and sudo powertop with minimum brightness with battery and tell me the power usage

basicly, i want to know if the battery drain is in all ryzen mobile or only in my ryzen mobile( because it is modern or to have igpu+GPU)


what laptop have you? cpu? this is what I want to know. I think it is no problem of GPU( but I don't know hot to prove it..), when I put glxgears only have 6 watts andthe amount of watts in the pc is 16 W more or less. I think the problem is not in the graphic, it is what I think but I can be wrong.
I have TLP and I have been tweaking the system since 1 week..nothing has been better..

My output of cpupower idle-info
Number of idle states: 3
Available idle states: POLL C1 C2
Latency: 0
Usage: 4432
Duration: 9651
Flags/Description: ACPI FFH MWAIT 0x0
Latency: 1
Usage: 573275
Duration: 148943578
Flags/Description: ACPI IOPORT 0x414
Latency: 400
Usage: 130603
Duration: 149528667

That's not going to tell you anything useful. For example, my GL702ZC has a desktop CPU and GPU and a 17" screen.

The only useful comparison to your laptop is from people with the same laptop.

It sounds like your real issue is that you think your power usage is "high" and you should look at some power saving tweaks, e.g.:

You already mentioned the use of powertop - if you actually look at its output it will tell you exactly which device is using how much power.

1 i have many, the usb ports in linux doesn't workfor example, the wifi is improving little by little but has problems .
and yeah, I think the power usage is highg becauseI have dual boot, windos has 5W in idle... I have seen 4,49W .. in linux th eminimum, is 10,8 without sddm and nothing, and not always, it is not normal , dont youthink? problems in th kernel side or amd ryzen problems in linux

the output of estimated power usages in powertop is for nothing xD is broken totally, i have seen rtl8169 using 12 W, I have rmmoded and.. all that power was redistributed and the power was continuing being 14 W( the latest).. powertop only works for me for seeing the discharge rate .
PD: no hardware is show in powertop.
PD:2 that post is the post I always used for all the laptops, while in others windows is more power-hunngry in that laptop I couldn't get nothing

I'd suggest you do some reading, e.g.

You might also tell us what you want the outcome of this discussion to be so we can focus on something specific.


To know if there is more c states on other hardware and if there is better support in older gens of and ryzen because I have seen many posts saying that the battery duration is much less than in Windows. In intel side I have not seen such posts or only with little differenc not hours of differences, it is because I am asking because I am thinkg in return mug laptop and I don't want to have an and laptop that drain the battery so much

And yes. I'll calibrate powetop. I didn't remember, and I'll do more tests. But I don't think the estimated power will improve much

In the style of a German television advertisement:
Then go to n....
:smiley: or wait for better kernel.
Running around in circles doesn't do any good.
Could be closed, my 0,02 $

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AMD has a rushed development model (as opposite to intel that somehow is already committing support for next-next gen gpus).

And they don't even seem to test anything that isn't ubuntu 18.04.

What do you think you'll achieve with these posts here?
Support will come, they are still working on it.

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With all due love to Linux, I'd stick to Windows if I had such situation. Given the fact that I cannot improve drivers or kernel, I'd wait for smarter guys whose coding abilities are way better than mine.

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