ASUS laptop discrete AMD card will overheat and crash the system

in windows the problem does not seem to exist
while doing anything resource intensive in windows(gaming for example) the fan will speed at maximum speed but the system wont crash

done and tested on 5.15 . still crashing
i will test other kernel versions with changes we’ve made so far and i wil update the discussion

At what temperature does it reach?
Linux kernel, via watchdog, will turn off the machine if the system reaches maximum temperature or detects other serious issues, to prevent more damage.

so you could try flashing a non arch iso like linux mint onto a usb and try in the live session if you have the same issues

a alternative is to install nbfc and create a own thermal profil. a search at internet shows that this model has even under ms-windows thermal problems. seems that the design of the cooling-system at this system is critical.

on windows the temperature will reach around 95 degrees while using resource intensive apps running on dgpu (which is not good but it will become stable at that temp)

linux mint with kernel version 5.4 and radeon driver for the dgpu became stable at 100 degrees Celsius

and by the way i have booted into kernel version 5.17 and tested the dgpu with the settings done on manjaro

the system will reach approximately 110 degrees C which is the temp that causes the instant shutdown but at about 108 degrees the dgpu will start lowering its clock rates in order to remain at 108 degrees
which is just a second away of an instant shutdown

here is a post on reddit with the same issue, you could check it out, but really without any solution… except to not use linux until another stable update and check if it is better after that

my issue is almost the same with the reddit one (the only difference was the laptop model with only 2 letters of diffrenece) and i have done everything the post had mentioned before and face the same problems afterwards ( missing pp_od_clk_voltage for example)

since i dont really want to leave linux behind can i move all my games (and other resource intensive stuff ) to windows and keep using linux as a daily driver?(since thanks to corectrl system temp does not go beyond 70 degrees C and its very quiet)

and another thing i want to ask:
i have a little experience with C++ ( i’ve been using it for about 9 years but im as exprience as someone who’s been using it for 2 years ) and thus i thing i kind of can help to fix this hardware bug
my question is : should i do this sometime or let the gearheads do their thing?

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that’s what i already replied, even with windows the thermal-regulation is critical and if you research you’ll recognize that the thermal design of this model isn’t a superior work of enginering. i doub’t that you’ll get better values with this system and indeed the 95°C will bake your thermal compound very quick. try the alternative with nbfc and creating your own thermal profile.

while using nbfc : the config nbfc recommended was not very effective
and creating the configuration does look very complicated (i’ve been trying to find the fan register for 1 hour and yet i cannot find the register)
is there any guide (other than nbfc github guide) for setting up a configuration?

did you try the package asus-fancontrol from the aur ?

fail with error acpi call failed with 'Error: AE_NOT_FOUND

sorry, but please give us information that we can understand !!! What failed , Mother Theresas reborn ?

command asus-fan-control from package asus-fan-control(AUR) failed with error acpi call failed with 'Error: AE_NOT_FOUND
can i use fancontrol instead?