Ascii crypt plymouth alternative?

I have heard about why plymouth cannot be added because of stability issues, but all I wish to do is to have a prettier crypt password prompt.

But what if instead of black-on-white text plymouth could be imitated with some ascii:

Here is the code to how I made this (just the looks, nothing actually works)

echo -e "        \e[32m█████████ ████"
echo "        █████████ ████"
echo "        ████      ████"
echo "        ████ ████ ████"
echo "        ████ ████ ████"
echo "        ████ ████ ████"
echo "        ████ ████ ████"
echo -e "           MANJARO    \e[39m"
echo ""
echo "Unlocking disk /dev/disk/foo-bar"
echo "        Enter password:"
echo "       ╔═══════════════╗"
echo "       ║*******        ║"
echo "       ╚═══════════════╝"

I am unsure of how simple or difficult this would be to implement, but if I can somehow help make this a reality, I am all in.

Plymouth is in the process of being added to the next release. I love this idea though. Not sure how to implement it. Probably requires writing a new initcpio hook.

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