Artworks by Muser in our repo



After a little and very quickly internal briefing we @Manjaro-Team have decided to packaging some wallpapers by @muser.
We like the works of @muser and we want to thank him this way for your works for Manjaro so i’m happy to write this.
We chose the most liked wallpapers as they all became difficult to handle for a vote in the community, the follow link contain this choice and you can do max 3 preferences!QEECWBqC!OOC6pjjCHvqd9KohxXQY_Q

  • 05.jpg
  • 100.jpg
  • always-on.jpg
  • beigy.jpg
  • butterflies-dark.jpg
  • colours-on-the-wall.jpg
  • Dark-maia.jpg
  • dark-waves-arc-maia.jpg
  • drawing.jpg
  • golden-maia.jpg
  • granite-scales.jpg
  • grayblade.jpg
  • grey-logo.jpg
  • license-plate.jpg
  • Lines-dark2.png
  • maia-circle.png
  • manjaro-ball.png
  • manjar-on.jpg

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  • manjaro-nologo.jpg
  • m-clock.jpg
  • MJR-tiles.jpg
  • MnJrO.jpg
  • molecular2.jpg
  • molecular.jpg
  • noise-logo.jpg
  • orange-label.jpg
  • perforated_metal_logo.jpg
  • puzzle2.jpg
  • retro-atomic.jpg
  • ribbons.png
  • rolling.png
  • rusty.png
  • scuffed-maia.jpg
  • Simplicity.jpg
  • sticks-branded.jpg
  • stripes-logo-grey.png
  • untitled2.jpg
  • woody.jpg

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Thank again @muser for your work :slight_smile: :clap:

Stefano Capitani
Manjaro Team



I cant believe you didnt include a few others that are done by @muser, Manjaro_Arch_Maia0cb7f2e5b231d4421189b7e4d1786dfee5bcbf10_1_690x388Just a couple more I feel should be on the list. These are great wallpapers representing Manjaro,


To be fair, it was me who made the toplist :slight_smile:

For the top one I thought it wouldn’t represent Manjaro fully with the Arch logo instead of the Manjaro logo, the bottom one has the grey version on the list, it goes with more themes, that’s why I included that one.


This is the first poll for building @muser artworks, we not exclude to do other after this first poll and pkgs so don’t worry :wink:


Oh Ok cool. I’m not trying to get anyone mad or start anything, just passing my thoughts are the 2 that I added here. i did vote already…


It’s not carved in stone, any sugestions are welcome. So thanks for your feedback.


…I picked two, but my favorite “Default.jpg” is not in here.
Great work.


Sorry, I must have forgotten about it.

Maybe @Ste74’s could include it in the final list.


I can do as a bonus :wink:


I already voted, but after seeing the thread of your wallpapers, my favorite is :

very nice stuff



I was hoping for that. :slight_smile:


Well guys i think is time to work on it … tomorrow concretize the pool :wink: and close this one.