Artix linux-lts not detecting Ethernet, only Wifi


Well that is the same card as me
And you should be using the board I linked for you for help it works for me and help is pretty fast.


Success… see the arrows to the right on the upper task bar which indicate the ethernet is working

Also it was a busy day today installing Artix on this:

It’s a 128 gb msata drive… 65$ from amazon… i did it the long way around of course. First i tried copying my partitions from the 128gb pen drive i was using and when i couldn’t chroot into it with mhwd-chroot-shell i went ahead and installed manjaro openrc xfce and then migrated that to Artix again just for the practice… makes perfect I’m told…


So now i have it installed on a proper ssd

And that reminds me to make open-dyslexic my terminal font as well… I’m not technically dyslexic but it’s easier to read from a distance with my bad eyes and all…


Well ok then… that’s not a forum though and having to read through every single post, even to scroll past them all is a huge inconvenience… you complained about that thread being 300 posts… how many is that one on the blog?

@artoo We really need a real forum… even something temporary until you have the time to put one together that you like



Why would you want to scroll the whole board just sign in ask a question get a answer either on the board and your email address simple really


for the same reason you have added a banner to manjaro forums telling people how to search the forums for their problem before asking a question


If that is aimed at me the link I gave is a blog you can post on, why would any sane person scroll for answers from 2 years ago. nothing is relevant till 7 days ago when Artix was born come on just trying to hang on in there. They really have a lot of work to do. Work with them not against them + artoo has done a upgraded migration read me, but its not on here this is manjaro, they have totally migrated from the arch core in the last day or two. I installed cinnamon using artix ISO same eth0 driver as you have it worked out of the box, if you are trying to mix manjaro repro you will end up with a borked system in the long run. so i don’t see the point the same as posting Artix technical here how will they know you have a problem Manjaro users are good but Artix is its own animal, so all you are doing is delaying bugs by not reporting them to the correct place


give the artix people some time, they are doing a great job in shortest time


Obviously. I can’t prevent anyone from creating some unofficial forum. However, I would dislike it because we already got several places for help. One being the
Have some patience, a forum is atm not top priority. I found it more important people have already a system available to move, so they are left with an already working distro to move to.

If you want to report a bug, use the github issue tracker, which is always the better place to report technical issues than a forum.

An updated migration guide can be found here:

We got domain, so things are moving forward.

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