[ARM Update] Don't update systemd to 240 if you use LightDM


Hi all.

There are some issues with the new version 240 of systemd. So don’t update systemd to 240, if your system works fine with 239.

I will wait and see if ALARM fixes it on their end, or if I need to build systemd at some point.


EDIT: oh, this is ARM … but still ?


I don’t maintain systemd. We get that from ALARM. So it’s a problem on Arch Linux ARM aswell.
I have seen no issues with SDDM, which our official editions use.


Sure. but … isnt that a reason not to push so many changes until those things happen ?
I mean Arch says yes push … manjaro style, as I understand it, should be to wait [reasonably].


Agreed. But we didn’t know about this problem, until it hit. ARM has no testing branch. So we get it as soon as Arch gets it.

Not much I can, other than rebuild an old version of systemd, and ignore those from Arch until they fix it. I did the same with Xorg a while back. But it requires building, testing and uploading packages.
And time is against me. :stuck_out_tongue:

But if it does not get fixed in ALARM in a day or two, I will have to.

PS: The only issue I’ve seen so far is the Lightdm issue here, where a user used a very old install with MATE and LightDM. I will rather just warn ahead of time, than have multiple bug reports about it.


Oh right, another reason I have not yet earned the badge … I forgot that is the case.
[I now have the hardware to help … but for the next month or so theres 2 people and a dog living in what would be the server room]
That all makes sense.


in any case, I will build a new test MATE image and update systemd on that to see if there’s still an issue with systemd 240.34.


Just tested this.

Booted an ARM image with systemd 239. Applied the 240 update. Rebooted, LightDM still works without issues.

Closing this thread as it looks like a storm in a teacup.

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