[ARM Stable Update] 2023-10-01 - Kernels, Systemd, KDE, Firefox, Thunderbird, LibreOffice


Alacritty: foreground colors doesn’t work anymore: foreground colors are always black.

background colors OK.

echo -e "\e[0;30mBlack\e[m"
echo -e "\e[0;31mRed\e[m"
echo -e "\e[0;32mGreen\e[m"
echo -e "\e[0;33mYellow\e[m"
echo -e "\e[0;34mBlue\e[m"
echo -e "\e[0;35mMagenta\e[m"
echo -e "\e[0;36mCyan\e[m"
echo -e "\e[0;37mWhite\e[m"

All of this print characters in black.

echo -e "\e[0;41mRed background\e[m"
echo -e "\e[0;42mGreen background\e[m"
echo -e "\e[0;43mYellow background\e[m"

This print background in right colors.

configuration file .config/alacritty/alacritty.yml does not solve the problem.

DarkskyARM Team

Since I seem to be having the same issue the only other idea I have outside of chromium is maybe mesa. I see ARCH-ARM is in the progress of upgrading it today I will wait for it to be done and it hits our unstable repo and test it.

Any progess on this? I would really like to have chromium working.

Nope. This site still does weird things with chromium.

Firefox couldn’t play movie with decorde errors.

What movie. What arm device.

rpi4 and youtube and erotic movie :stuck_out_tongue:
[Child 22037, MediaDecoderStateMachine #1] WARNING: Decoder=ffff9cb1fb00 Decode error: NS_ERROR_DOM_MEDIA_FATAL_ERR (0x806e0005): file /build/firefox/src/firefox-118.0.1/dom/media/MediaDecoderStateMachineBase.cpp:166

I o not have an issue with firefox/youtube on my pi400. Is it all movies on youtube or just that one. Do you have an youtube address. Firefox 118.0.2 is in the unstable branch. I have seen some bug reports with that error and wayland.

Is the movie DRM-protected?

I don’t know.
I can play youtube now.already no problem.
xvideos seek bar still doesn’t work.


I found some up date on the Manjaro ARM Github
Are the c2, c4, n2 and m1 devices working with the last build images ?

How to build your own Manjaro ARM images

Not tested today, I hope as soon as possible to build one for each devices and did some test

I should restart firefox . then it will be good.

Hi, @philm

I hope you can work again on Apple M series :

Also Asahi packages need upgrade :

Manjaro is great OS on this hardware.
And if you have possibility to upgrade glibc to 2.36 or above :
For add support with winedevine : GitHub - AsahiLinux/widevine-installer: Widevine CDM installer for aarch64 systems
Probably that can help other ARM board after glib upgrade.
And audio is coming very soon with :
GitHub - AsahiLinux/asahi-audio: Userspace audio for Asahi Linux
GitHub - AsahiLinux/speakersafetyd: Rust speaker safety daemon for Asahi Linux

Best Regards

Inxi is up to date on stable branch, nice :slight_smile:

While working to get the pi5 going I built the Pi OS mesa with their patches and this issue here seems to be fixed and with chromium 119.0.6045.59-1.

To test on your pi4; download and unpack the mesa-rpios tarball then while in the mesa-pios directory install the needed files and reboot:

sudo pacman -U mesa-23.2.1-1-aarch64.pkg.tar.zst vulkan-broadcom-23.2.1-1-aarch64.pkg.tar.zst vulkan-mesa-layers-23.2.1-1-aarch64.pkg.tar.zst vulkan-swrast-23.2.1-1-aarch64.pkg.tar.zst


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To test on your pi4; download and unpack the mesa-rpios tarball then while in the mesa-pios directory install the needed files and reboot:

Great. Thanks Darksky, that works. I’m using the stable branch version of chromium, which is 117.0.5938.132.

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pacman-mirrors 4.24.1-1 are up to date :slight_smile: