ARM RPI4 KDE PLasma: Setting Up WeVPN Won't Connect

I have been attempting to setup (the most excellent) WeVPN on Manjaro ARM KDE Plasma for Raspberry Pi 4B but I keep getting a “connection timed out” error. I have been trying to import the WeVPN config file using KDE’s network manager. In my WeVPN account manual setup function I have chosen these options:

  1. OpenVPN UDP 2.4+ Protocol
  2. Location: Toronto
  3. Ports: 1194, 1198, 80. What port should I use? I’ve tried all three.
  4. Generated “login credentials”
  5. Copied certificates to KDE Network Manager

For ARM I am using the WeVPN manual setup instructions located on their site.

WeVPN technical support hasn’t been able to resolve this issue so I was hoping someone here may have some insight. Also, I have setup TorGuard and IPvanish VPNs on Manjaro ARM RPI KDE before without any issues.

I do not know if it will help but I have noticed that kde has some weird firewall stuff going on. I can not use nmap to discover an ip the device has from another computer. I can ssh to it just fine if I know the ip address.

Thanks Darksky. I was wondering about that in light of the port options. I’m going to try to disable the KDE firewall “firewalld”. It looks complicated though.

I turned off FirewallD using the command:

systemctl stop firewalld

Unfortunately, it didn’t help the VPN connecting.