[ARM] [Polls] What do you want supported?



Hi all.

I have been thinking for a while now and have concluded that I can (realisticly) support around 3 devices and 2 editions on my own.

But I have been working on a couple of more devices and editions, so all in all the tools I use now supports the following:


  • rpi2
  • rpi3
  • oc1
  • oc2
  • xu4 (untested)


  • Minimal
  • MATE (unmaintained)
  • LXQT
  • KDE (only suitable for certain devices)
  • Server (unmaintained)

What devices do you want supported?

  • rpi2
  • rpi3
  • oc1
  • oc2
  • xu4

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What editions do you want

  • Minimal
  • LXQT
  • MATE
  • KDE/Plasma
  • Server

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Right now, I am inclined to drop rpi2 and xu4 support. Maybe even oc1.
The images have proven to be difficult to create and the packages have also been complicated to build now, since some armv7h packages now only builds on the devices.


ARM definitely !! :wink:


I am currently looking into getting a small server because the NAS of my router is really limited and I want to play a bit more with it, like hosting a Minecraft Server for 2-4 people again and such (but nothing that would justify getting a real Server/server-like PC) .

The Raspberry 2 that I already have is a bit too limited for that, and it’s USB is even slower then that of my router - I was actually looking into the XU4 because it offers some good hardware for my purpose. Would be great if I could run Manjaro on it, but if it is not practicable for you, I will find solutions (like other distributions - or other SoC’s that have even more powerful hardware).


I was looking at the XU4 just so i could fun manjaro on it, hopefully the pi3 will start working so i can use it. But decided to get the RockPro64 it seems to be better even though there is not a lot of software for it at this moment.


It does indeed.
I can create images, usually without issues. But I have no way of testing them, as I don’t have an extra XU4 around.

The rpi3 test images I have built so far works fine, as far as I can tell. So be on the lookout!


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