ARM board with M.2 sata

wooo interesting
a 15" laptop with that and manjaro would be a killer device methinks....

We are already working on the Ordoid-N2, which also has the Alogic S922x chipset.

And I know someone here was working on getting Manjaro ARM to work on a kvim board a few months back.

But unless we see a laptop with it, we can't test anything. :slight_smile:

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Vim 3 only has a single pcie lane which I think is gen 2.

So its not going to be that amazing nvme wise where 2-4 lanes are needed for specified bandwidth of the nvme, it will work but be capped.
Apart from that it looks quite a beast.

We do have a preview for the Khadas Vim 3 out...

I got some info that the single pcie 2.0 lane is also on a mux shared by usb3.0 & M.2.

Is that correct Strit?

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