Are you supposed to reboot after each Manjaro release? Little lost here

Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I’ve had a look around on the wiki and online and I can’t really find out what to do.

I’m sure it’s obvious but I’m a new Linux user. I’ve been using Manjaro for a couple weeks now. Today I ran sudo pacman -Syu to check for updates and I have been downloading the 21.0.2 update. I’m just confused on one thing, am I supposed to reboot after everything is finished downloading?

If key components are updated
like the kernel
and systemd
I’d reboot.
The system will stiill work without reboot.
But not using the updated components right away - especially and of course not the kernel.

just after actually having installed all that was downloaded :wink:

Install needrestart, run it and find out. :wink:

It’s probably a good idea with big stable branch updates. FYI, if there’s a kernel update you’ll need to reboot to load the new version.


Thank you for letting me know about that tool, I will install it soon. I will give it a restart as it seems my kernel was updated to 5.10.30

It will (probably) not crash but this depends on your definition on “will still work”. I can’t mount usb drives after a kernel update, so I have to reboot right away.

For good measure, when you have a big update, just reboot.
Also if you’re new to Linux, look into TimeShift (available in Manjaro repositories already), a tool to make something similar to Windows’ Restoration Point.

That is probably due to other things being updated besides the kernel.
If the kernel is updated - nothing changes in the already running system.
(except perhaps some modules that where not loaded previously - these would fail to load because of the version mismatch)
It’s almost never just the kernel …
In any case - what I said was:
… you can read it :wink:

my recipe:
kernel update and/or systemd update == reboot
I may defer it in other cases - but I will shut down my system (a laptop) every few days anyway.

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If it’s just a simple update like Firefox, then exit Firefox and relaunch it.

If any major system components get updated, reboot.

If you’re not sure, it never hurts to reboot anyway.

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