Are there any known performance improvements or tweaks for Intel Evo laptops on Manjaro?

Hi everyone,

I recently purchased an Intel Evo laptop and installed Manjaro on it. While the performance is decent, I was wondering if there are any known tweaks or improvements that can be made to optimize the performance of the laptop. Specifically, I’m interested in any tips for improving battery life, reducing lag, and optimizing the system for running resource-intensive applications.

I’ve done some research on the topic, but I haven’t found any definitive answers. I came across some forum posts that discuss performance issues on Manjaro, but they seem to be related to specific hardware configurations or software updates. I also found a post that discusses how to speed up boot time on Manjaro, but I’m looking for more general performance improvements.

If anyone has any suggestions or tips for improving the performance of Intel Evo laptops running Manjaro, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hello @adamsmithad and welcome :wink:

TLP should be installed on all flavors. Generally in manages power saving features.

Improving battery life always comes with higher “lags” and waiting times, therefore in general you need to balance it to your needs and what you like to achieve. There is no simple switch for that.

Anyway… there is a well documented configuration file: /etc/tlp.conf which you can edit and also a GUI tlpui which edit that file. Also, tlp-stat is useful to check.

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Just looks like an intel i7 to me.