Are there any Chinese speakers in this forum?

please reply to this thread, i’d like to know, and is is possible that creating a Chinese subforum or something like that?

I’m not from China, but some are. See

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I’m an Indonesian Chinese. I speak mainly Teochew at home, Indonesian outside of my home. I live in a small city near Singapore so I can also speak Mandarin, and write basic Mandarin too. :slight_smile:


sorry for not introducing myself first!
i am a mainland Chinese, speak Mandarin most of time. i live in Sanya, China for now.

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I come from China and now study at University in Germany.:smiley: I switched from Ubuntu to Manjaro one year ago. I speak Mandarin and German.

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Obviously, all of us here can use English.
Unless, there is difficulty in English, I personally think it defeats the purpose of using other languages, including our own. After all, we will get far far more responses when using English; meaning there will not be replies from others who can’t write in Chinese, even if they can speak it.

If there is any difficulty (using English), I suggest first try in English, then add/append in Chinese and those capable can then translate (if not done properly) it well.

Nice to see you all here.



Hi you guys,
I’m a Chinese and for now study in university in Xi’an, China.

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its true, but for those who can neither read nor write English, they will not get any help from this forum, and Chinese forum will make them feel more comfortable here. Manjaro is not developed for English speakers only, that’s why there are other language forums.

I beleive, if there are enough Chinese speakers here, we can request to setup a Chinese forum, that’s why i opened this thread.

Okay, understand. I will support your request because “there are other language forums”.
Hope you understand my personal opinion on all other languages used in this forum. [quote=“gohlip, post:6, topic:5539”]
… it defeats the purpose of using other languages
[/quote] does not specifically mean Chinese only.

let’s spread Manjaro in China, we all are deserved to enjoy this wonderful distro !


I added a tag “chinese” to the topic, feel free to add “mandarin” if the distinction is important. I think a general welcome topic in Chinese should be created in Other langauges category to show that there are some speakers here so new users feel comfortable to post there. Just add such a tag when posting in Chinese so we have some overview. If there will be many post a subcategorycan be created very quickly.

As for promoting Manjaro in China: Hey, wasn’t Manjaro the first disto to offer the new Deepin DE? :sunglasses: Kudos to @oberon (who can also write some funny things in Chinese witht he help of Google Translate, I guess) and the upstream devs and Arch packagers - fasheng, felixonmars and the Deepin team from Wuhan.



Here is another Chinese user! For now, there are few Chinese Manjaro users, the amount of users may be not enough to support a sub forum. But I have noticed the trend to try Manjaro in Chinese Linuxer group:laughing:

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Welcome. Is the carved wooden avatar from Lijiang?

hi, have you had your super?:smile:

It’s a Vulpes ferrilata woodcarving, made by a Japanese sculptor 田岛享央己(たじま たかおき).

I have seen your post in tieba… :sunglasses:


Thanks. Looks very much like 丽江 artwork.
Must be a raccoon dog (tanuki) then.
Japanese thought it brings luck (same as cat, …etc).